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Tiffany Studios Tiffany Pottery Vase, antique ceramic

Beautiful and unusual Tiffany Studios bisque Pottery vase, original and authentic, of cylindrical form with pinched and shaped rim decorated with pendant plum branches, green glazed interior, signed L.C.T. 7, 10 1/8″ h. x 4 1/2″ diam. A similar vase pictured in Louis C. Tiffany, Rebel in Glass, by Koch. P. 184 A similar item in the collection of Chrysler Museum, The glazes of Tiffanys pottery were made in complementary earth tones: ivory, beige, ochre, brown and green. This vase has a lightly transparent old ivory glaze that accentuates the relief detailing on the white semi- porcelainous clay body beneath it.  Inquire to Linda
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