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Steuben Acid Cutback Vase, “Flambeau” Lamp, Base, Carder Glass, Mirror Black

This rare vase is mounted as a lamp, vase measures 12″ h. x 5″ w., (with stand 13 1/2″ h.) mirror black etched to opaque light blue, shape 3273, “Flambeau Pattern”. Black and blue jade, acid etched. This is an example of a double-acid etched vase in which two layers of glass are cased together and acid-etched twice to reveal both the dark outer layer and the inner scroll pattern on the blue. It is a labor-intensive piece, and a complex design. The uniqueness of this piece lies in the dual images of the pattern. Carder utilized 2 images, first the flaming bowl and on the other side a classical bowl of fruit This form was typically sold directly to lamp manufacturers, and is generally found drilled as a lamp, as in this case. The socket for the bulb is inside the lamp, at the bottom, so that it will light up the glass. The vase is illustrated in an article that appeared in Traditional Home Magazine of Sept. 2000 entitled “The Many Shades of Jade”, photos from a well known collection. The vase was also exhibited at the University of Southern Indian summer Carder exhibit,2010 Susan Sauls, Art Collection Registrar. ” The uniqueness of this vase lies in the dual images of the pattern. Rather than use one image on all four sides of the vase, Carder utilized two images. The first image is the flaming bowl and the other is of the classicl bowl of fruit”. Inquire to Linda
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